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Bellatona’s March of Fate

Before the Fall of the known Pantheon, Bellatona took up arms agaisnt the rise of the Naucti spawning into the badlands between Bellatona and Vadare. They stemed the tide of the vicious Naucti from heading south and getting a foothold into Relica for their evil dark Deity. The battle was not all glorious. The Naucti had no needs for food, water and rest. They haunted the Blood Orcs into submission, and pounded upon the front doors of the Dwarven Tribes of Gravete. Only once King Tobias and the Bellatonian Army marched were they able to hold the advance of the wicked Naucti.

As the heros of Fate, Derian and Vyel defeated the Deity from another realm, the Bellatonian army was counting their losses. Over half the army was slain, and a majority of those alive were wounded and changed. The final battle saw the King himself rally his men, as the large skeletol remains of the Dragon wars flew overhead, coming from their homelands. Tobias motivated his men, who were concerened about what other wicked undead may be plauguing their families back home, into fighting harder than ever to return home. The King was ultimatly killed in battle, he had taken several arrows charging the Naucti lines and in a fury threw himself upon the waiting spears. Lord Marcus of Kent took up the kings body and despite deathly wounds, returned it to the back camps to be sent home. The King had lead his men into a furious rally, allowing them to overtake the Nauci lines, and ultimatly win their part of the war.

A Leaderless World and a Leaderless Bellatona

King Tobias had two sons, Draco and Falco. While both born from seperate mothers, it was undecided which one would rule as King with his passing. While Draco was the elder, he wasn’t born of a noble woman, and thusly by law was not to be an heir of the throne. Falco was born of a noble woman, and for a few years was seen as the next ruler. But then the law premitting royals to marry and bear children that could take their place as a Lord was repealled, it came into question weather Draco would be a crown Prince.

While Bellatona was in turmoil without a King, the Age of Chaos emerged. The Pantheon had fallen, and both Divine and Arcane magic had become rare and soon looked upon with disdain. For five years the kingdom was lead by the Duke Byrce, until Draco was herelded as the new King of Bellatona.

For a more detailed story of Draco and Falco’s trials for Kingship, Click here.

Falco declinded being in the King’s concil in the house of Lords, instead was offered the duaghter of House Williams, the largest and most powerful House of Bellatona. He quickly became head Lord of House Williams, being in direct lineige to the King. For many years he caused strife and uproars withing the House of Lords, calling many time a rule of no confidence. yet still Draco ruled. But Houses that heavly relied on magic for power saw an end to their ways. Both the Houses of the Cleregy and The oder of the Lost City, had lost a majority of their power, and were soon being questioned by other Houses why they were still needed.

Fifty years after the crowing of Draco, Falco launched a surprise attack upon the lands of the Clergy. It was so sudden that the Clergy Lords had no choice but to sign over it’s soldiers and House of Lord positions to Williams. Now there was major conflict in the Kingdom.

The Chaotic Civil War

Draco’s son, Crown Prince Razur, took up arms against his Uncle Falco. But when he called to arms the Army of Bellatona, not many answered his call. The Whiteflame Brotherhood, seeing the conflict break out, noted it would remain neutral in the wartime acts, and when peace was restored, would join back with the Kingdom. The Dwarves locked themselves away, after declaring their cessetion from the Kingdom. Meanwhile other Houses had chosen to join House Williams, who had already mobilized thier army, while Razur had to raise one.

Not all turned their backs to the Kingdom though. The Houses of Kent, Sain, Rethic, V, the forest of Delves and the Denbaar Elite chose to fight Falco. As well as their allies, the High Elves and the Country of Holban. Another 20 years of fight took place, of which Falco had raised a Grand Army and had turned back most resistance. Razur had held the Kingdom capital, which had laid under seige for 18 of the twenty years. Until finally he and the remainder of his army fled. His father had been sick and stuck in bed. And King Draco passed away the same night the “Un-Seigable” castle was finally taken.


For 80 years the Kingdom of Bellatona was moved to Lord Kent’s lands. It was well protected and defended, as well as the famous Castle Villinore, which housed the Lords. The Lands of Williams Estate, ranges far and wide over the old lands of Bellatona, ruled by an almost Police state mentality. While there are many underground resistances, many groups lose faith over one day seeing Bellatona reach it’s former glory.

The last Lords of Bellatona were about to sail to Eldgar, to ask for assistance, when their ship was sunk. No one is sure whether Williams got though to them, or if they were betrayed, but now the only standing lords of bellatona are as follows.


Lord V: Having been granted the gift of a second life, he is at the end of his age.
Lord Malcom Kent: age 17, has been raised as a resistance fighter and a joker.
Lady Breanna Sain: age 15, an impressive tactitian and user of all weapons.
Lord Shawn Rethic: age 21, raised as a proper Lord, rides this Wyrm into battle.
Lord Mattew Barq: age 18, a supeb sailor, if somewhat shy.
King Bryon Bellatona: age 6, the new King of Bellatona.

On their shoulders lie the fate of Bellatona. While they look to the skies for some help, maybe the divine blessing they need are right in front of them?

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